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Biff Jones is a driver/salesman for the Good Humor ice-cream company. He hopes to marry his girl Margie, who works as a secretary for Stuart Nagel, an insurance investigator. Margie won't ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)














































Ace "Good Humor" ice cream salesman Biff Jones, while on his peddling route, is attacked by three thugs chasing a platinum blonde, Bonnie Conroy. They leave after stuffing Biff into the freezer compartment of his delivery vehicle. Biff loses his job. Bonnie shows up and asks Biff to spend the night in her living-room as protection against the gang. He agrees but awakens to find Bonnie a cold corpse. Biff thinks he has killed her but when he returns with the police the corpse has disappeared. Biff is implicated in a murder and robbery at a factory where he was seen making his rounds on the night of the crime. His girlfriend, Margie Bellew, secretary to Stuart Nagel, special investigator for the Peerless Insurance Company, warns Biff he is the prime suspect. Together, they hunt for the missing blonde in order to establish his alibi. Johnny, Margie's kid brother, and fellow-members of "The Captain Marvel Club" save Biff and Margie in a schoolhouse where they have been cornered by the gang. Biff Jones is a driver/salesman for the Good Humor ice-cream company. He hopes to marry his girl Margie, who works as a secretary for Stuart Nagel, an insurance investigator. Margie won't marry Biff, though, because she is the sole support of her kid brother, Johnny. Biff gets involved with Bonnie, a young woman he tries to rescue from gangsters. But Biff's attempts to help her only get him accused of murder. When the police refuse to believe his story, it's up to Biff and Johnny to prove Biff's innocence and solve the crime. Good Humor man Biff Jones(Jack Carson) seems like a big kid himself, sometimes taking part in activities relating to the Captain Marvel club, in the ramshackle clubhouse, next to the school. This is truly a feast of comedy, mainly of the physical sort. It's also a murder and theft mystery. In fact, there are 2 murder mysteries, plus a twice disappearing body! Quite a lot happening in 80 min.! I was never bored, and I'm sure kids won't be. The first half features humor, without the complication of murder mysteries. Jack (or his dummy) almost floats down a storm drain after he was stuffed in his truck freezer, by some bad guys, then rescued by police, who had a hankering for a Good Humor. His stiff ice-encased body falls over into the water from a nearby gushing decapitated hydrant, hit by a car. Then, his body is swept toward a storm drain, being pulled out at the last second. He creates havoc in the police station when he is recovering, letting loose mega- sneezes that shatter windows, blow the petals off a bouquet, or scatter the desk papers all over. .....In another incident, a furnace stoker wants a good humor. But every time, it melts before Jack can deliver it. Finally, he puts a bit of dry ice in his hat, along with the good humor. It almost works, but we see the melted ice cream and chocolate running down his face. ........Jack is sometimes accompanied by his secretary girlfriend Margie(Lola Albright), or briefly, by another blond: Bonnie(Jean Wallace), who pulls him into her life, then is apparently strangled, perhaps by Jack, in his sleep(But, see later). Her body vanished twice, with a later explanation. I wish they had used 2 actresses who didn't look so much alike, as I was confused for a while.......The last 20 min. is a non-stop barrage of hilarious slapstick events, as the bad guys chase Jack and Margie around in the playground, then inside the school, having misadventures with the musical instruments. Eventually, the Captain Marvel gang are alerted and come on bicycles, in soap box cars, and even in a bathtub on wheels, pulled by a mule! It's like The Little Rascals returned! The kids use a variety of physical aids, including an endless supply of cream pies, to subdue the villains, ending in pandemonium. Even the mule makes a contribution........Unless you are averse to slapstick, and murder mysteries, or B&W films, be sure to check this out at YouTube I love Jack Carson in any movie I've seen him in, but I'm afraid I found this one boring, and fast-forwarded through most of it. I enjoyed the beginning, when Jack was treating the kids to ice-cream and joining in the Captain Marvel fan club, but once it got to the murder mystery it went downhill and became a mess of slapstick aimed at little children. But even kids couldn't sit through the too-long chase scenes. It needed a more clever zaniness, and I kept thinking how much better it would have been with Bob Hope and his self-depreciating humor in the lead, making clever quips.

Kudos, however, to the actress playing Jack's girlfriend, who gets dunked, dragged, and knocked down incessantly and yet manages to keep one step ahead of the villains! I really felt for her when she was trying to get Jack off the rope he was swinging on, and she got dragged back and forth until she fell onto the dusty ground!


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